Name: Bray'lok, Son of Fay'lorg
Rank: Major (Retired from Starfleet)
Species: Klingon/Vulcan
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black /dark brown
Skin: Greyish skintone
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 525
Physique: Standard Klingon appearance with the exception of pointed ears.
Status: Married

Characteristics: Loyalty, honor, and integrity

Mate - Raven Whitefeather
Children - Twins, Brightwind Whitefeather (daughter) and Lothar Whitefeather (son). A newborn baby. Half-brother - Nataniel Wroe

Personal History
Bray'lok is a genius by both Klingon and Human standards, by Vulcanian (Vulcan based races) standard he possesses average intelligence. He is unique in that he is a half breed, not that its odd for Klingons, but that it is odd for Vulcans to marry out of their race. Information on Bray'lok's family is scarce, other than the fact that his mother was thought dead until recently discovered during a secret mission that she is alive and living on Romulus.

Bray'lok was originally deemed near psychotic by Starfleet, and unfit to serve. However Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council had been assured by the president that Bray'lok would not be refused. After discovering that Bray'lok was born with a rare block to telepathy, Starfleet took another look at him, and found that he was not psychotic, but that his emotions could only be read, giving that impression. Bray'lok is calculating, and often times cold by Klingon standards, but is prone to moments of violence, which is common to his race. Major Bray'lok has a clean and unmarked service record. It is the opinion of Starfleet that he is a good officer, and fit for command.

Klingon academy, triple major, Engineering, Tactical, and Command. Minored in linguistic studies. Is fluent in Federation Standard, English, and Vulcan.