Name: Andril Bretanna
Species: Corovan
Age: 24
Gender: Male
DOB: 2253, (the Corovan 1266th Year of the Lax Supplicant)
POB: Trighert City, Sodorin Principality, Corovus V - Federation Member World in the Corovus System
Hair: Aquamarine
Eyes: Black
Skin: Eggshell white
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 146 lbs

Physique: Bretanna stands 5ft and 10 inches high. He weighs 146 pounds and most of it is firm if not outright muscular. Like all members of his race, his skin is eggshell white in color. His hair is thick, soft and aquamarine. These traits make the characteristic solid black eyes of Corovans stand out and he is no different in this manner. Apart from these distinguishing traits, Corovans share much the same morphology as humans. They have two arms, two legs, 5 digits on each hand and foot and so on. The differences between Corovans and Humans lie internally, with a different organ constitution and placement ((See attached SF Medical Certificate File)). As a final note, Bretanna is further distinguished by a massive scar that begins on his outside left bicep and continues across his left chest, ending just at his sternum. He received this scar from a wound that was delivered by a Klingon Exchange Student whom he had fought with in his Third Year at the Academy ((See below)). He has opted not to have the scar repaired.

Family: As a boy, Bretanna was hospitalized with Orj's Fever. While on route to visit him, most of his immediate family were killed in a tragic vehicular accident. He was sent to be raised by his only living immediate relative at the time, his maternal grandmother. It was she who raised him, taught him the lessons he would need to grow up a good being and urged him to apply to Starfleet Academy when Corovus was accepted into the Federation.

Strengths: While at the Academy, Bretanna discovered he had a good head for organization and tactics. During Team simulations he was frequently the 'plan man', coming up with often novel solutions and turning them over to the team commander to ensure the squad's success.

Limitations: Bretanna has never been especially good with other people per se. He has been labelled borderline antisocial on a few occasions, but really he is just something of an introvert, though he hides it well. This leads to a lack of facility in command situations and so leading others is ultimately not where he excels.

Likes: Simulations, specifically turn based 'building and running' type simulations. Also, when he was on Earth at the Academy, he picked up a fondness for Blues Music and has taken to playing a steel guitar to ease his nerves or release pent up emotions he does not feel comfortable sharing with others.

Dislikes: Bretanna has two dislikes. The first are Klingons. The second are Marines. He believes "neither are neccessary".

Ambitions: For now, he wants to do well in Starfleet and make his grandmother proud.

Quirks: As part of a practical joke turned hobby, Bretanna has researched and revived a number of Terran recipes for Bubblegum. He became so fond of the substance that he can almost always be found chewing some of it (though for the sake of decorum he never blows bubbles or cracks the gum). His favorite flavor is grape.

Education: (pre-Star Fleet Academy):
His early scholastic record is somewhat unremarkable. He attended the Trighert GroupSchool #98 for his entire early education. He graduated at the age of 19 and then took and passed the Open Academy Entrance Exam.

Service Record/Career History:
-Attended the Academy between the years of 2373 and 2377
-Received an Official Mark of Censure for an incident with a Klingon Exchange Student in his Third Year and was almost expelled.
-2379 He was posted to the U.S.S. Protostar
-2380 Posted to the Carthage Colony as Operations Officer in a Civilian Loan/Exchange program.

Promotion History:
Promoted to Ensign on U.S.S. Protostar 2379

Medical/Psychology Report - Standard Post Academy Assessment:
"Upon last examination, apart from mild sleep deprivation and aches from the Mek'leth wound he sustained a year ago, I find this cadet to be of sound mind and body. He is fit to serve Starfleet and this is an endorsement of such finding."

Selabor'tis Juiss,
Medical Officer
Assessment Division
Starfleet Academy

Routine Physical Examination Report - 2379:
"Ensign Bretanna is in satisfactory condition despite sustaining a serious spinal injury a few months ago. I certify that he is fully capable of meeting the service requirements of the uniform."

Dr. Rachel Sullivan
Chief Medical Officer
U.S.S. Protostar