Name: Ursa Gluck
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Strategic Operations (detached)
Species: Trill (joined)
Gender: female
Age: 30
POB: Trill
Height: 1m69
Weight: 59 kg
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Spots: black

Father: Hosh Degeri, 67, space merchant
Mother: Ín Zaber, 69, space merchant
Sister - Myan Degeri, 25, space merchant fleet pilot

General Profile
Ursa is a well trained Starfleet officer, and like most joined Trills she has a particular attention for her health. She is physically good looking but never called "pretty", thanks to a square jaw and well defined eyebrows. She is more athletic than reedy thin, although curves and a generous mouth save her from looking manly.

Ursa fancies herself as good natured and open minded, which is mostly true. She likes things to be well organized and running smoothly, sometimes almost to a fault. She tends to take charge whenever nobody is, and commit personally to see things done where she sees noboby is going to. She is seldom aggressive but can be entirely pig-headed. Her personal quarters are kept spotless and her personal belongings used to be few.

The most softness and caring traits she has come from a few of Gluck's previous hosts. Some noticeable changes in her since she was joined to Gluck include a more mellow attitude to life (in spots) and taking up a couple relaxing hobbies (scheduled on a regular basis). While she used to care little for romance and domestic life, the question of finding a steady companion and starting a family now goes through her mind occasionally, mostly under the influence of Gisen (4th host and a father of 10).

Her symbiont Gluck's previous hosts include Ihoani (healer born a millenia ago), Romor (politician, short lived joining), Amoneea (physician), Gisen (scientist) and Laero (diplomat, very short joining)

Personal History
Ursa is the standardized version of a famous name going back to Trill antiquity, in a province where naming customs created names as long as 57 syllables. Ursa's mother gave her elder daughter the name of an explorer and conquerer who was among the first known examples of joining between a Trill and a symbiont.

Ursa grew up until age 17 on merchant freighters owned by her parents, and was trained from an early age in minor and emergency ship operations. The ships represented a steady environment and the sector of operations was always the same, allowing her to form friendships and a semblance of personal life outside the family. As Ursa reached 17 however, she decided to set on her own path.

From 17 to 19, she studied on Trill to complete her knowledge in ship operations and pass the relevant certificates (engineering and piloting). Although she always lacked in the more formal aspects of these studies, her hands-on experience and long habit at "making it work whether it wants to or not" gained her the necessary credits. The extensive contacts with other students were overwhelming in the variety of possibilities it opened to her. There seemed to be a hundred futures to choose from, and truly not enough of a lifetime to make up one's mind.

Ursa's desire for a destiny encompassing more than she could achieve over a single existence grew until it became obvious that the only solution was to apply for symbiont joining. From 19 to 22, all her energies were devoted to being admitted into the program and becoming a student of note - or, at any rate, of sufficient note to be considered as a likely choice. It was both a harrowing time of studying hard on topics she was very marginally interested in, and a self-defining experience. At 22, she fell in love and was considering giving up the program when the offer to host the difficult Gluck symbiont was made to her. Her acceptation signified the end of her love affair.

As she neared 23, she entered Starfleet Academy. Already qualified in several required basics, she still faced 2.5 years of condensed training, and felt entirely sated by the long years of studying on Trill. She settled for a major that would be easy on her (Operations) and a minor light years away from her or the symbiont's background (tactical and strategic operations). To her surprise, she quickly took to the subject and the Academy incited her to operate a switch. Although she didn't end at the top of her promotion, her general results were good enough for her to graduate in good standing.

At 25, Ursa started on a long succession of ship assignments where she gained fast promotions as Tactical Analyst and a good track record for her thoroughness and adaptability. Her arrival on Starbase 74 marked the first period of real stability in her career, and her first assignment as Strategic Operations analyst.

Her reassignment on Carthage some 3 years later came as a bit of a shock. An exceptional opportunity for her career, it also appears to be a nebulous kind of assignment: two retired Starfleet officers for direct superiors, laying the groundwork for civilian forces (that she is to recruit, train and organize) to take over the solar system and planetary defences (non existent at the time of her arrival), only begin to describe the variety of tasks Ursa Gluck can be called upon to perform - as one of a mere fistful of Starfleet officers on the planet.

Likes: Order, a job well done, questions with an answer, novelty and challenging endeavours - give her Rome to build by midnight and be surprised.
Dislikes: Disorder, sloppy work, moral conundrums and philosophical debates, routine.
Quirks: Can hold whole conversations aloud when she is asleep. Her alarm buzzer is a sound record of faulty ship engines, that and a ship emergency klaxon being the only things that can drag her out of her sleep before she's ready.
Hobbies: Miniature gardens (Gisen), embroidery (Amoneea) and divination arts (Ihoani) are all a concession to the Gluck side of her self. Ursa's own version of relaxing is a good reproduction of her Security training as Cadet, topped with an hour in a sauna and a strong massage. Will request pilot duty on a regular basis to "stretch her space legs".
Strengths: Adaptable, a fast learner in most situations, committed to success in whatever she undertakes, always ready to take on more.
Weaknesses: Doesn't delegate much, takes mostly her own advice, tends to ignore advice come from her Gluck side in personal matters.

Gluck (symbiont)
Gluck is a symbiont with a most particular history. First joined to a Trill some 1 000 years ago, it was excised by his own dying bearer and deposited into a pool, to be discovered again only a millenia later. The second joining revealed the truth and represented a complete shock for both the symbiont and host. The failure could only be overcome, after several years of bitter conflict, by a transfer to gentle-spirited Amoneea. From then on, Gluck lived on an appetite for the forever changing landscapes of history, but two successive hosts were never as satisfying a match as Amoneea.

Gluck, as a symbiont formed during different times and abandoned for centuries to live off the memories of its first host, is an exceptional case. Become entirely self aware as the surviving part of Ihoani Gluck, it fought several times over (with more success each time) joining with undesirable hosts and practically overtook the life of a third. Wisened by time and experience, it has found in Ursa an apt host and finally completed a successful merging.

IHOANI: First host (20 years). Ihoani was a female healer, chosen at a young age and taken from her family. Although she never appeared to rebel against her fate, she participated in a number of secret actions going against the rules of her time. After her lover was caught and killed, she made a narrow escape herself but was wounded and dying. Torn between the necessity to avoid revelation of their entire plans, and her respect for the symbiont that was to teach the later generations, she made a choice to deliver it into a hidden pool for another healer to learn from it. Her companions had no such qualms, and although they didn't dare destroy the symbiont, they arranged for the cavern's entrance to collapse once Ihoani died.

ROMOR: Second host (6 years) Romor was a male politician in the making with somewhat radical views, a strong and unyielding personality and a powerful family. The honour of being given a first-joined symbiont left place to complete dismay as he was faced with an unprepared symbiont entirely fashioned in foregone times. The association proved in many ways traumatic, so much so that the exceptional procedure of switching to another symbiont (in good part under the influence of well placed family members) was authorized.

AMONEEA: Third host (54 years) Amoneea was a female physician of soft manners and personality. Although the joining knew a bumpy start, she contributed heavily to the body of Joining practices by her well-documented and successful experience. She married (another joined Trill) in her early 40s and had two children, but her dedication to her work represented most of her life. Still a physician at heart, she kept up with her countryside practice until retirement, but had little to no contact with outworlders as patients.

GISEN: Fourth host (55 years) The choice of a man of science was a deliberate move to widen the Gluck symbiont's horizons and increase its potential. If the association was bearable, neither Gluck nor Gisen ever worked out a full collaboration until the last couple decades of his life. Gisen had four companions, three of which gave birth to his 10 children. From the joining, most of his choices were dictated by uneasy compromises between his own desires and the conflicting impulses born from past memories. His career as a biologist never really took off. At 60, he retired officially and spent the next two decades living the one true passion of his life and documenting Ihoani's memories. He landscaped an immense garden made entirely of medicinal plants, many of which rare species, a curiosity now visited by tourists.

LAERO: Fifth host (2 years) An ambitious young man and diplomat eager to latch unto the only remaining symbiont to have been joined with ROMOR, Laero was not long to find that he was chewing more than he could swallow - and just how bitter the taste was. From haunting dreams to daylight hallucinations, the rejection became so obvious that the Commission had little choice but to authorize, once again, the replacement of the Gluck symbiont at the nearest opportunity.