Name: Leona King
Species: Human
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Eyes: black, a bit of asian-like slant
Hair: jet black, straight and shiny
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 125 lbs
Physique: fit and shapely
Temperament: shows a certain reserve and distance, can grow lively among friends.

Parents, both reporters (missing)
Siblings, Stefano (27), Domenico "Nico" (8)
Relatives, Aunt Antonia ("Tia") and Uncle Ernesto ("Tio") King
A number of relatives scattered around the Federation

Likes: Art and music of all kinds, dancing, hot environments (never too hot for her), the red and black colours.
Dislikes: People who don't hold their promises and people who can't hold their drink.
Strengths: Committed to her friends, independent
Weaknesses: Thanks to a fast metabolism, she needs to eat often and a lot. She doesn't get involved easily but when she is, can go overboard. Occasional bouts of quick temper. Messy and lazy about it until she gets in one of her spring cleaning moods.

Personal History
Leona grew up on Earth, South America, near the Amazon river with her brother Stefano. Their parents, both reporters, travelled a lot. They were mostly brought up by their aunt "Tia" and uncle "Tio" Ernesto. The Kings know something about family ties, since Ernesto's brother Leonardo married Antonia's younger sister, Ana Domenica. Although heavily Latin in their origins, the King family hold their name from a British great grand father who founded the King Corporation.

With her aunt and uncle heading the family business. "King Interstellar Corporation - Arts and Antiques for All", Leona grew up surrounded by antiques and pieces of arts from very diverse origins, attending the famous Manaus Opera House representations on a regular basis. She trained as a dancer for 10 years before realizing that, while a good enough performer with occasional sparks of true talent, she would never be an exceptional dancer. Her own demanding standards forbade her to settle for any less. With the same energy she had put in her dancing, she set out to redefine her life goals.

It seemed only natural she would enter the family business. After six years of studying, then three more spent travelling around the Federation to qualify as a Senior agent for the famous King Corporation, she returned to Earth in order to help taking care of her younger brother Nico. Her parents had disappeared while investigating some aspects of the Dominion War and were finally reported dead after one year of investigations.

When her now less young Aunt and Uncle decided to take a three year long trip around the Federation, Leona was asked to become her brother's legal warden. She made up her mind to become an art dealer for KIC instead of a travelling agent. Prospects on SB 74 looked good and KIC gave her mandate to open a new "Art and Antiques for All" outlet there. However, after one year spent setting up shop on Starbase 74, a family clash occurred when Antonia and Ernesto wisited her. Her aunt mostly was dissatisfied at her way of life and talked about taking Nico back with them, to be raised in a proper planetary environment. Her uncle, on his side, showed distrust at her way of running her business.

Leona came to feel that she needed to prove herself away from KIC and an overwhelming family's influence. After hearing about Carthage colony, she came up with new business plans and decided to resettle there to prevent any further attempts at removing Nico from her care.

Leona has now sold of her shares in KIC and invested most of her personal wealth in setting up a business of her own on Carthage colony.

Education and Career
8-17: Dance training and general schooling (Brazil)
18-21: Manaus School of Arts (Brazil, South America)
22-23: Business school (San Francisco, US)
24-26: King Instellar Corporation Junior Agent (Federation)
27: KIC Agent (Manaus, Brazil)
28: Starbase 74, KIC Art Dealer
29: Carthage Colony, KIT (King Independent Traders)

(NICO) Nico, short for Domenico, is a boy of 8. Physically, he has a striking likeness with Leona. He is an affectionate child very much attached to his sister. He has a lot of charm and shows an uncanny talent to use it to his own ends. Nico also loves to share his advanced artistic skills with the community - mainly by using laserpaint on any surface large enough to appeal to his fantasy. The ways he procures himself the paint pens are multiple and mysterious.

(ALYENKA OLIVEIRA) Over her travels, Leona met and recruited an older woman who goes by the name of Alyenka Oliveira. Alyenka appears to be in her early fifties, a dry stick of a woman with dark hair and eyes, dark enamel tan, a bony figure and prominent nose. Her face shows deep experience lines. She's both an ugly and oddly striking woman.

With her exacting temper, her grumbling and fiercely critical mind, Alyenka has served as a jack-of-all-trades in Leona and Nico's life - manager assistant, babysitter and life advisor in turns. The reasons why she keeps following Leona in her endeavours are only known to themselves. Their mutual trust runs deeper than blood ties.

(SHOP) King Independent Traders is the name Leona King has chosen for her company. At present, KIT consists in a shop situated in a very commercial area of the Town center, selling common utility supplies for the most part and acting as intermediary for off planet orders. Upstairs is an exposition room reserved to the art connoisseur. It holds items ranging from select handcrafted earthenware to original contemporary art. KIT will also host occasional expositions of local talents. The exposition room has an open vista on the street.

(HOUSE) The King household resides a little way away from town, in a house surrounded by peaceful countryside. The house itself is built in a Federation neocolonial style, a two storey white dome with a living room and a small kitchen arranged at the front, conveniences and 3 bedrooms at the back. The second level in an unformal area where each have their own corner to play, work or relax on low sofas. One side of it has all the characteristics of a classical dance classroom (polished floor, a half moon arrangement of mirror pannels and an exercise railing), strewn with cushions when not in use.
There are no direct neighbours or enclosures. Leona calls the unkempt expanse around the house her "English garden". The house is decorated with a few items of her personal art collection, some samples of her work and a number of Nico's best paintings efforts.