Name: Kestarah K'Mara
Nickname Kes
Species: Klingon/Human
D.O.B: Feb 29, 2356
Gender: Female
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 137 lbs
Physique: No scars that anyone can see. Looks like a Klingon with smaller ridges. Very athletic build. Klingons and Humans find her attractive.

Family Information
Father : R'phala, house of M'Taphtach
Mother : Diana K'Mara (human), deceased

Hobbies and Interests: Sports, cooking, plants, and dance
Notable possessions: violin, flute, and a pair of toe shoes that has seen lots of wear. She has a few bat'leths and met'leths in her quarters.

Kes does not like doctors. She keeps a medical kit with a broken (but working) tricorder in her office that sometimes finds its way to her quarters. She will do anything to avoid medical personnel. She is a hard worker. If she doesn't get enough sleep, she is a complete grouch. No one wants to have much to do with her then. She has a very short fuse on a really bad temper. She can get into a fight at the drop of a hat. She has the typical Klingon personality. She is quiet and observant and despises dishonor, dishonesty, and braggerts. She enjoys a puzzle and a good workout. She is known to work for days without sleep until forced some way to slow down.

Personal History
Her mother's death when she was an infant was something that she has despised her entire life. She was raised as a Klingon, almost totally ignoring her Human heritage. She had a short temper at times, but has worked to overcome it and to be more even tempered. She is proficient at the bat'leth. She speaks Klingon and Japanese, thanks to her time in college. She has basically jumped from job to job in the time since she graduated from the university. She enjoys cooking and has a green thumb. She stays fit and spends some time working out whenever possible.

Public School 34, New York City, first in her class.
Vassar: Engineering, first in her class for undergraduate degree.
Florida State University: masters in Engineering, first in herclass.
Star Fleet Academy: Engineering, second in herclass.

Major : Engineering
Minor : History and Klingon studies
Specialization : working to make things do jobs they were not designed to do and to fix things using the wierdest things she can get her hands on.