Name: Tobias Stonefell
Species: Brikar
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Eyes: Diamond blue
Hair: None
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 500 lbs (Has to wear a antigravity belt)
Physique: A rocky exterior for a hide, compact frame
Marital Status: Single
Temperament: Cool and calculating, but when pushed becomes very hard headed

Family: He is from the Planet Brikar, has decided to leave his Father and Mother to explore other peoples and cultures.
Likes: Strawberry Shakes, Looking up into the Stars. Enjoys solitude.
Strengths: His hide is near impervious, has the ability to hold his breath for a long period of time. He is also very strong.
Weaknesses: Gets into trouble more quickly because of his attitude and his natural defensive abilities. Gets into a few fights because of his inablity to forgive certian races. Klingons and Orions Pirates top the list. Even has some problems with the Federation personnel at times.
Beliefs: Habitual behavior has him as a Security type he is suspicious of everyone and rarely trusts anyone. But when you have earned his trust it is yours forever.

Tobias trained at Star Fleet academy in a Security field. Because of his temper and his in inability to get along with some of his classmates, he was allowed to finish but was not placed in the Star Fleet field. He is in an unoffical reserve status.

Career History
Finished Star Fleet Academy, went through a civilian training academy and is now looking toward his first assignment.