Name: Samuel Wyatt
Species: Human
Age: 43
Gender: Male
P.O.B.: Los Angeles, California, Earth
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Collar length, brown and grey at the temples, short cropped salt and pepper beard
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 230 lbs
Physique: Heavy, somewhat muscular legs otherwise not very athletic
Status: Single (widowed once, divorced twice)

Father – Terrance (Terry) Wyatt – Teacher
Mother – Barbara Wyatt – Teacher

Generally a friendly sort, but drinking can bring the dark side out in him. His bedside manners are usually pretty professional and he’s never drunk when working, usually. He loves the outdoors and finds peace being outside. He tends to shy away from surgery unless he has to do it. His love of the outdoors includes horseback riding, which he hasn’t had a chance to do since he left Earth. He has no real trust for his business partners and is definetly cold toward women that remind him of his first wife Linda, but he still loves the ladies despite his poor track record. Right now, drink still has a hold of him. Loves a good laugh and can be a prankster at times.

Wyatt was born in Los Angeles, California as an only child. His parents lived in The Los Angeles area only for a few years after his birth, then moved to Arizona. His early years in school were fairly normal. He made friends easily and was a good student. He loved the Arizona desert and the slower way of life. He developed an interest in medicine in his late middle school years. With a sense of purpose, he began to apply himself and graduated as an honor student a year early from high school.

He was offered a scholarship to several medical colleges, but preferred to stay in Arizona and chose Meyers Medical College outside of Phoenix. Two years into college he met his first wife, Linda. They fell in love and married in their Junior year. Between school and marriage, Wyatt’s life seemed a blur. Graduation came, but then his time was taken up with as an Intern at a hospital in Phoenix. It was there he met Dr. Larry Meens. After their intership, they left the hospital to start their own practice. Several years went by as they strugled to get the practice going. Dr. Meens had an idea to begin doing outside resaerch for a Bio Engineering company to help with income. At first Wyatt rejected the idea, but eventually sucumbed to Dr. Meens requests.

Five years later, with Wyatt doing a majority of the research work, he was on burn out. His marriage wasn’t going well either. He and his wife were groing appart and he’d even taken to sleeping in another room at their home. With the break out of the Dominion War, Star Fleet put out a call for doctors willing to serve at Starbases to help with what would be undoutdedly heavy casualties. Wyatt volunteered and was assigned to Starbase 375 helping with trauma and surgery duties. On his return to Earth, he found that his business partner and his wife had moved in together and had been seeing each other even before he had left.

Wyatt began drinking heavily and two months after his return, tragedy struck. Both his business partner, Dr. Meens, and his wife were found dead at the research lab. They had contracted a deadly, but short lived virus after one of the containment fields failed while they were there. Rumors flew, but Wyatt could not be connected to the deaths. He left Earth shortly afterwards.

He set up practice on Regulus for a few years and remarried. Neither the practice nor the marriage worked out. Money and drinking were the main reasons. Moving on, he found himself in a large city on Aldebaran III. Joined another practice set up by another Human. He remarried, but this time it lasted only six angry months. Local authorities had conducted a long term investigation of smuggling in the area and during a massive sweep, netted many of the people in the ring, including Wyatt. In his time there, Wyatt had befriended a local Constable, Kletch’Ta, who alerted the doctor to the sweep. Wyatt disposed of most of the evidence that could be used against him. Even though any evidence left was circumstancial, planet authorities requested that Dr. Wyatt leave Aldebara III.

Starfleet Record
Civilian Doctor – Dominion War – Starbase 375