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Canyon City
Welcome to Carthage Colony. Created five solar years ago in 2375 Carthage was established as a planetside colony, rather than an orbital base with the hope of having it become self sufficient. Six large warehouses were constructed, each with their own cargo transporters, supported by dormitories to house the colonists. Farmers were hired to establish food production.

The initial couple of years were good, but nowhere near anticipated traffic levels however, and the following three years showed continued decline. Other colonists made their way to Carthage increasing the variety of races on the planet and the accompanying food, merchantile and manufacturing industries.

In an attempt to recoup some of its losses, TRZ Corp. and Galactic Rim Tours, Inc. entered into a joint venture to construct a large resort complex near the original colony. Carthage’s unique location along the Neutral Zone would tap into a whole new market. Thus, the Carthage Colony you are now about to visit was born.

Please take your time to review everything Carthage has to offer.

Latinum Palace
Mare Tropicanus
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Player's Club
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Carthage Colony was a non profit PG 13 role playing game based on Star Trek. The game has shut down and is now an archive part of Memory Prime.
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